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ELIPS: Multi-Dimensional Prevention Program in Switzerland after an Acute Coronary Syndrome

Author(s): Pierre-Frederic Keller1, David Carballo1, Sebastian Carballo3, François Mach1
Affiliation(s): 1Cardiology Division, Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland, 2Division of General Internal Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland
Name your project or intiative: ELIPS: multi-dimensional prevention program after an Acute Coronary Syndrome
1st country of focus: Switzerland
Additional countries of focus: Industrialized countries
Relevant to the conference theme: Non-communicable chronic diseases
Summary: The ELIPS program was designed to improve prescription rates by physicians and long term medication adherence by patients. Novel tools of information were specifically created for patients to improve the quality of information: a website, a DVD, a wall chart for hospitals, flyers and an application for smartphones. Moreover a specific training course in motivational interviewing dedicated to caregivers was developed including a web-platform e-learning and face-to-face training courses. Finally ELIPS network includes a discharge treatment card, a media campaign and information meetings for physicians. The media campaign in Switzerland was carried out to reinforce the deployment of the ELIPS program.
What challenges does your project address and why is it of importance?: Audits of practice reveal suboptimal control of cardiovascular risk factors and under use of evidence-based cardiovascular medications after an Acute Coronary Syndrome. Based on our systematic review of tested interventions, we developed the ELIPS program targeting patients, caregivers and healthcare system
How have you addressed these challenges? Do you see a solution?: To demonstrate the benefits of the ELIPS program on recurrence rate of cardiovascular events, the ELIPS programme has been first implemented in a Swiss healthcare network.
How do you know whether you have made a difference?: A multicenter clinical study is currently underway including prospectively a total of 2400 patients before and after the implementation of the ELIPS program with a follow-up of 12 months
Have you or the project mobilized others and if so, who, why and how?: We have mobilized all Swiss university cardiology centers. And doing so we have managed to deploy the program in all of these centers and this has involved the training of over 500 nurses in motivational interviewing, the diffusion of all informations tools (DVD, smartphone application, didactic wall chart, flyers, discharge treatment program) in 4 languages. We have also organized information meetings for referring hospitals, outpatient practionners, and rehabilitation centers and all the tools of information were also available for all caregivers treating these patients in Switzerland
When your donor funding runs out how will your idea continue to live?: Projects for future funding are currently being investigated and developed by an external consulting group. The Swiss Heart Foundation will include the ELIPS program in the catalogue of its services.

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