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GHF2012 – PS20 – Air Pollution and Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Session Outline

Parallel session PS20, Thursday, April 19 2012, 16:00-17:30, Room 4
Chair(s): Suman Rijal, Department of Internal Medicine, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal, Margaret Gerbase-Weidenbach,  Division of Pneumology and Medical Education Unit, Geneva University Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland
Summary: There is increasing evidence that air pollution (from both indoor and outdoor sources) contributes to the burden of chronic disease and premature mortality, particularly from cardiovascular and respiratory causes. This session will present the results of four studies examining the effects of particulate matters.
Effects of Particulate Matters on Inflammatory Markers in the General Adult Population
Dai-Hua Tsai, Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, Lausanne University Hospital, Epalinges, Switzerland
Kids Growing in Cooking Smoke: Acute Lower Respiratory Infection in Children due to Indoor Air Pollution in South India
Padmavathi Ramaswamy, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, India
COPD Prevalence among Women due To Indoor Air Pollution: South India
Priscilla Johnson, Department of Physiology, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, India
Myocardial Infarction and Air Pollution: Modification Effect by Neighbourhood Socio-Economic Characteristics
Séverine Deguen, French School of Public Health (EHESP), Rennes, France

Session Documents

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