GHF2012 – PS13 – Clinical Pathways for Chronic Conditions

Session Outline

Parallel session PS13, Wednesday, April 18 2012, 16:00-17:30, Room 4
Chair(s): Thomas C. Dolan, American College of Healthcare Executives, USA
Summary: This session aims to review the concepts and definitions of care pathways, gathering empirical evidence on the conditions under which pathways successfully improve the quality of care for people with chronic conditions.A care pathway is a complex intervention for the mutual decision making and organisation of care processes for a well-defined group of patients during a well-defined period.Defining characteristics of care pathways include:

(i) An explicit statement of the goals and key elements of care based on evidence, best practice, and patients’ expectations and their characteristics;

(ii) the facilitation of the communication among the team members and with patients and families;

(iii) the coordination of the care process by coordinating the roles and sequencing the activities of the multidisciplinary care team, patients and their relatives;

(iv) the documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of variances and outcomes; and

(v) the identification of the appropriate resources.

The aim of a care pathway is to enhance the quality of care across the continuum by improving risk-adjusted patient outcomes, promoting patient safety, increasing patient satisfaction, and optimizing the use of resources.

Source: Vanhaecht, K., De Witte, K. Sermeus, W. (2007). The impact of clinical pathways on the organisation of care processes. PhD dissertation KULeuven, 154pp, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Clinical Pathways: Definitions and Relevance for Chronic Diseases
Anne-Claude Griesser, Medical Directorate, Lausanne University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland
NCDs and Risk Factors Prevention and Control Studies: Policies for Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases and Risk Factors in Turkey
Nazan Yardim, Ministry of Health of Turkey, Public Health Institution, NCD Department, Ankara, Turkey
Implementation of Clinical Pathways In Malaysia: Challenges, Obstacles and Achievements
Syed Mohamed Aljunid, United Nations University-International Institute of Global Health (UNU-IIGH), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Implementing a Heart Failure Ambulatory Care Pathway in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Séverine Schusselé Filliettaz & Nicolas Perone, Heart Failure Ambulatory Care Pathway, Promotion des Réseaux Intégrés des Soins aux Malades (PRISM-GE), Geneva, Switzerland

Session Documents

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