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GHF2012 – PS31 – Gender Lens to Chronic Conditions

Session Outline

Parallel session PS31, Friday, April 20 2012, 14:00-15:30, Room 4
Chair(s): Catherine Fussinger, University Institute of History of Medicine and Public Health, Lausanne, Switzerland
Summary: Chronic disease affects women and men differently. This difference is not just due to biological differences but is the results of multiple factors such as gender, ethnicity, education, income, and other social determinants of health. Drawing on sex- and gender based analyses applied to chronic disease prevention and control, this session aims to demonstrate how men and woman are differently exposed, screened and treated for most of the chronic diseases and their risk factors and what can be done to prevent gender based inequities.
A Gender Biais in Clinical Research and Care in Cardiovasular Diseases
Antoinette Péchère, Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland
NCDs: A Priority for Women’s Health and Development
Katie Dain, International Diabetes Foundation, Brussels, Belgium
Applying a Gender-Based Analysis to the Experience, Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Women
Janet Currie, Canadian Women's Health Network,Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Mobilizing Women in the Fight against NCDs
Nalini Saligram, Arogya World, United States

Session Documents

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