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GHF2012 – PS10 – How to Motivate the Patient to Change

Session Outline

Parallel session PS10, Wednesday, April 18 2012, 16:00-17:30
Format: interactive workshop animated by Alain Golay, Division of Therapeutic Education for Chronic Diseases, Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland
Summary: Therapeutic patient education is a humanistic patient-centred approach, focussed on patients’ needs, resources, values and strategies. It allows patients to improve their knowledge and skills not only concerning their illness, but also of their treatment. It brings a better quality of life, a greater therapeutic compliance and a reduction in complications. The most difficult part of therapeutic patient education occurs when patients must change their behaviour. Motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioural approaches contribute greatly here and allow both the preparation and support of patients during progressive “step by step” change. The work on resistance to change is fundamental, and ambivalence when faced with the choice of a new way of life must be measured, discussed and negotiated. Patients become partners and we become “coaches”. The negotiation of objectives must allow patients to choose their own strategies, which normally should cost them the least possible psychologically and bring them the maximum benefit. The efficiency of therapeutic patient education no longer needs to be proved: 80 % less amputations over 10 years in diabetic patients; 50 % maintenance of weight loss over 5 years.

Session Document

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