GHF2010 – PS12 – Participatory Tools Influencing Health Systems

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Session Outline

Parallel session PS12, Tuesday, April 20 2010, 11:00-12:30, Room 13
Workshop Chair(s): David Musendo, Capacity Development team, Healthlink Worldwide, United Kingdom
Summary: Community participation has become a key component of both primary healthcare programmes and development programmes seeking to empower communities. Despite widespread use of the term in health policy documents and publications, genuine understanding of what the term actually encompasses is often lacking. 'Community participation' is often used in cases where community members are merely invited to participate in programmes introduced by outsiders, with no account taken of the complexity of the community's culture, power dynamics, and expectations. This workshop explores participatory approaches, by offering hands on activities such as drawing images that illustrate the value of participatory approaches, classification of different types of decision making, and determining the levels of power according to a participatory ladder. This session is linked to another parallel session entitled, 'Participatory Approaches to Health: Cases Studies from around the World'.

Session Document

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