GHF2010 – LS04 – Geneva Innovation Network: Improving Access to Medicines

Session Outline

Lunch session LS04, Wednesday, April 21 2010, 12:30-14:00, Room 2
Chair(s): Laurent Miéville, Vice-President ASTP and Director of Unitec - Office of Technology Transfer University of Geneva, Switzerland, Martine Berger, Senior Advisor, Council on Health for Development (COHRED), Switzerland
Summary: Western Switzerland is one of the fastest growing life science cluster in the world, with 450 biotechs and 350 medtechs active in the region. Geneva, deemed the 'world capital of health', is home to the WHO, NGOs, research and academic institutions, and PPPs, all active in the field of global health and aiming to improve access to health and to health-related technologies worldwide. To maintain global competitiveness in health biotech, developed countries are increasingly looking for new partners in developing countries. At the same time, emerging economies and some developing countries are building their research capacity and infrastructures to promote local innovations that would benefit their own economies and respond to the needs of their populations. This session brings together panelists from WHO/TDR, MMV, DNDi, local academia and industry to address the innovation potential in the region, and how this potential can be harnessed to impact on Global Health.
Panel: Solomon Nwaka, African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation, TDR, World Health Organization, Switzerland, Patrizia Carlevaro, Head of the International Aid Unit, Eli Lilly and Company, Switzerland, Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Business Development Director, DNDi, Switzerland, Alexander Scheer, Director Informatics & Knowledge Management, Project Leader Neglected Diseases, Merck-Serono, Switzerland, Robin Offord, Mintaka Medical Research Foundation, Switzerland, Georges Jagoe, Executive Vice-President, Global Access, Medicines for Malaria Venture, Switzerland

Session Documents

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Session Video

This session is available to watch using Dudal. To watch it you will need to have Java installed on your computer.


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