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A Short Overview of the KFPE and an Introduction to the Session

Author(s): Jon-Andri Lys1
Affiliation(s): 1Commission for Research Partnership with Developing Countries, KFPE, Bern, Switzerland
Key issues:

The KFPE (The Commission for Research Partnership with Developing Countries) is dedicated to promoting research partnerships with developing and transition countries. In this way, it wishes to contribute to sustainable development. The KFPE is engaged in Swiss scientific policies and is committed to promoting the interests of researchers and their affiliated institutions on both national and international levels. It furthers development-oriented research and elaborates research-strategic concepts. In this context, it ascertains that partnership principles are followed, that the quality of research is assured, and that the interests of all partners are respected. The KFPE is a commission of the four Swiss scientific Academies. This session, Research Networks in Partnership, gives an introduction and an overview of a new initiative of partnership and ethics in research called TRREE. Research partnerships and ethics are also two central topics of interest for the KFPE. TRREE (Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation) for Africa will provide training in research ethics evaluation designed specifically to address the ethics of clinical trials conducted in Africa that must comply with international ethical standards. The session will highlight various aspects of such research networks in partnership, such as the challenges or pre-conditions of such networks or assessing the needs for the evaluation of ethics in research.

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