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An Overview of the TRREE for Africa Project

Author(s): Marie Hirtle1
Affiliation(s): 1Biotika Inc., Mont-Royal, Canada
Key issues: Ensuring the protection of persons who participate in research, especially in clinical drug trials, and promoting the highest ethical standards for research involving humans is the responsibility of many actors who participate in international collaborative research. And, while international and national regulations apply to some aspects of clinical trials, many others fall under ethical principles and processes that require interpretation and judgment to ensure subject protection and to promote highest ethical standards in concrete situations. Despite this difficult task, those involved in research involving humans receive little or no training and support to enhance their understanding and comfort level of the legal and ethical framework that applies to research involving humans.
Meeting challenges: TRREE-for Africa (Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation) is a project that aims at developing a distance learning programme on research ethics for all those involved in ensuring research participant protection and in promoting highest ethical standards in international collaborative research. TRREE-for Africa will also provide a platform for a participatory website of resources that apply to research involving humans.
Conclusion (max 400 words): This presentation will describe the origins of this project, its goals, anticipated challenges and the proposed results.

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