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Patient Safety: A Global Challenge

Author(s): Liam Donaldson1
Affiliation(s): 1Chair of the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety, Chief Medical Officer for England, UK
Summary (max 100 words):

Ensuring the safety of patient care is a signifi cant challenge for all health services around the world, whether situated in developed or developing countries. Systematic attempts to improve safety and the transformations in culture, attitude, leadership and working practices necessary to drive that improvement are in their infancy, even in the countries where addressing patient safety has been on the agenda for some years. The experience of other high-risk industries, such as the aviation or nuclear industries, highlights the importance of sustained action over the long-term. This presentation, given by Sir Liam Donaldson, Chair of the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety, will provide an overview of the latest thinking on approaches to safety internationally and set out a series of challenges for health-care leaders over the coming years to ensure that improving patient safety is at the top of the health-care policy agenda.

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