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The role of the Informed and Involved Patient in Access to Safe Healthcare: The Power of Partnerships

Author(s): Susan Sheridan1
Affiliation(s): 1Patient Safety, Consumers Advancing Patient Safety, Chicago, USA
Key issues:

In this presentation you will learn of one family's experience with two serious medical system failures and hear about the creation of national and international consumer-led initiatives dedicated to consumer involvement. These initiatives are based on the development of the collective voice of the consumer and on the premise that safety will be improved if patients are included as full partners in creating better outcomes and in contributing to reporting medical errors, solutions, research and policy making. The speaker challenges health care providers, institutions, organizations, and agencies to recognize and embrace the value and power of partnerships in reshaping the future of healthcare so that it is safe, compassionate and just. Following this session, you will be able to describe how personal experience with medical errors resulted in a model of collaboration, partnership and nationwide change in patient safety; show the value and power of partnerships among consumers, health care providers, health care institutions, and agencies in ensuring better outcomes and driving sustainable improvements; and summarize national and global consumer movements in patient safety, including Consumers Advancing Patient Safety and the World Health Organization's Patients for Patient Safety.

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