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GHF2014 – PS08 – Scaling up Services for Mental and Neurological Disorders at a Primary Care Level in LMICs

PS08 TUESDAY, 15 APRIL 2014 ROOM: 15 ICON_Fishbowl
Scaling up Services for Mental and Neurological Disorders at a Primary Care Level in LMICs
Dr. Ariel Eytan
Division of Mental Health and Psychiatry, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Integrating Neuro-Psychatric Disorders at the Level of Primary Health Care Centres: Guinea
Dr. Abdoulaye Sow, Director, Medical Fraternity, Guinea
Strengthening Rehabilitation Care for Psychiatric Inpatients in Iraq
Mr. Denis Caharel, Assistant Head Chief Nurse, Department of Psychiatry, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Strengthening the Competencies and Skills of Nurses in Mental Health–Experiences from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ms. Selma Kukic, Project Officer, Mental Health Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Case Management in Mental Health Settings in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mr. Darko Paranos, Project Manager, Mental Health Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
This session should offer an opportunity to discuss the integration of mental health care and psychiatry in primary health care services. A variety of experiences will illustrate the debate. A Sow and colleagues will bring an African perspective with a focus on epilepsy, a disorder at the crossroad between neurology and psychiatry and carrying specific cultural representations. D Caharel and colleagues conducted a training intervention in a psychiatric hospital in Irak, a country where mental disorders are still heavily stigmatized. S Kukic, D Paranos and colleagues will show two distinct facets of the mental health reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH): professional development of the nursing staff on the one hand, case management on the other hand.

PS08_Ariel_Eytan_Square_Version 2Dr. Ariel Eytan

Ariel Eytan graduated from the faculty of medicine of the University of Geneva. He is trained as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. His interests are in the cross-cultural aspects of mental disorders, international psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. He conducted research on mental trauma in the Balkans and in Rwanda. He is the author of approximately 60 papers published in peer reviewed journals.


Sow Profile PhotoDr. Abdoulaye Sow

Abdoulaye Sow is a general practitioner , public health physician , director of a national NGO called Guinea Medical Society ( FMG ) .

Abdoulaye Sow has been engaged for twenty years in the provision of primary care and participated in the installation of several community general practitioners and private health centers to public purpose . It is since 2009 a lecturer and member of the education committee of the specialized study of family medicine degree at the Faculty of Medicine of Conakry. A. SOW is involved in several projects to support community health sector and resource person with some health districts. His major area of ​​interest is the management of mental health at the community level . FMG which he is also providing support to public health centers by facilitating the integration of the management of many chronic diseases including AIDS , tuberculosis and severe neuropsychiatric disorders . Member of several networks that it is often facilitator in the field of health promotion


PS08_Kukic Profile PhotoMs. Selma Kukic

After graduating Psychology in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina her professional development began within the organization for support to People living with HIV. Basically she performed tasks of planning and implementing programs for psychosocial support. This period of three years has been extremely important to her personal sensitization in the area of ​​stigma and discrimination of vulnerable groups. After this period, over the next four years, to her great joy and exceptional motivation she began her involvement in the field of Mental Health, where she hopes to work for a long time.

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