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GHF2014 – PS09 – Assessing the Impact of Healthcare Institutional Partnerships

PS09 TUESDAY, 15 APRIL 2014 ROOM: 18 ICON_Fishbowl
Assessing the Impact of Healthcare Institutional Partnerships
Dr. Shams B. Syed,
Program Manager, African Partnerships for Patient Safety (APPS), Global Partnerships Lead, WHO Service Delivery & Safety (SDS), Switzerland
The ESTHER European Alliance: a decade of hospital partnerships assessed
Dr. Nathalie Mezger
Medical senior officer, MD, DTMH, MPH, Division of Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Mr. Odom Team
ESTHER Norway partnership, Cambodian School of Prothetics and Orthotics, Cambodia
Dr. Emmanuel Makasa
ESTHER Ireland partnership, Health Councillor at Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the UN, Switzerland
Dr. Georges Wilfred Bediang
Coordinator of the RAFT Network, Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Andrew Jones
Julie Storr
Eric de Roodenbeke
Institutional health care partnerships are receiving increasing attention in the global health arena. In particular, the knowledge base on how hospital-to-hospital partnerships can strengthen service delivery is rapidly evolving.  Indeed, some of this learning is starting to percolate the peer-reviewed literature. However, a large amount of this evolving knowledge currently remains confined within those involved in implementing partnerships. This session provides an opportunity to harness this tacit knowledge to inform the global knowledge pool. The focus is exploring un-answered questions and to refine collective thinking in this rapidly developing field of enquiry.Multiple inter-connected areas of institutional health care partnerships will be explored. Seven critical questions will guide both “presenters” and “analysts” in their contributions to the session.1. How can the impact of partnerships be measured?2. What defines high quality partnerships?3. What is the utility of working in thematic areas such as patient safety, medical equipment and hospital management?4. What is the motivation behind the creation of partnerships?5. How can such partnerships contribute to health development?

6. Why should hospitals in high, middle and low income countries be interested?

7. Can partnerships evolve to become truly “flat” with bidirectional flow of knowledge and ideas in the spirit of global health.


The synthesis of reflections on these questions and many others explored during the session has potentially profound implications for global health systems.


ShamsSyedIMG_2475Dr. Shams Syed

Dr. Shams Syed currently leads WHO African Partnerships for Patient Safety (APPS). He is also responsible for global partnership development in the new WHO Department of Service Delivery & Safety. He is well-versed in the field of institutional health care partnerships, patient safety and service delivery. He is also keenly aware of the potential significance of this area of work within the global health context. His lead role in developing the Special Series on Reverse Innovation in Global Health Systems within the journal Globalization & Health gives him a keen awareness of the peer-reviewed literature on the subject. Dr. Syed has had wide experience in moderating & facilitating a range of events, sessions and workshops with a style that matches discipline with openness. His diplomatic skills are particularly suited for a controversial subject area.


Dr. Nathalie Mezger

Dr. Nathalie Mezger is a medical doctor, specialized in internal and tropical diseases and is involved in the humanitarian and public health medicine fields. She studied in Geneva but also took to opportunity to study elsewhere (Belgium, Thailand, Long distance course with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

She always tried to share her time between the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and the outside world.

In the HUG she worked in internal and tropical medicine and she is currently in charge of the ESTHER Switzerland development. Outside of the HUG she went on missions with MSF (Doctors without Borders) and was one of the member of the Swiss Board during 5 years. Dr. Mezger is currently working with the ICRC, in a unit in charge of the field workers’ health.


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