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GHF2014 – PS10 – Empowering Diabetic Patients: Healthcare is not enough

PS10 TUESDAY, 15 APRIL 2014 ROOM: 13 ICON_Fishbowl
Empowering Diabetic Patients:
Healthcare is not enough

Dr. Gregoire Lagger
Division of therapeutic patient education for chronic diseases, Geneva University Hospitals, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Utilizing Nurses as Diabetic Educators: Sri Lankan Experience
Dr. Manuj Weerasinghe, Senior Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Integrating Non-Medical Needs for Chronic Diseases: the Example of Type 1 Diabetes
Dr. David Beran, Researcher and Lecturer, Division of Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Integrating Artistic Programs in Diabetes Education and Self Management in Madagascar
Dr.Tojosoa Rajaonarison, Director of artistic programs, Madagascar Diabetes Association (A.MA.DIA), Madagascar

Gregoire_Lagger_squareDr. Gregoire Lagger

Grégoire Lagger is Doctor of Science. Since 2005 he is a teacher-researcher in Therapeutic Education at the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospitals of Geneva. His current research topics focus on the patients' motivation to learn and change their behavior and remission of type 2 diabetes.


Weerasinghe Profile PhotoDr. Manuj Weerasinghe

Dr. Manuj Weerasinghe obtained MBBS degree at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo (1998) and completed internship in internal medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Colombo South Teaching Hospital. Then he shifted to the field of public health and obtained degrees of Masters of Science (2002) and Doctor of Medicine in Community Medicine (MD) from the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo (2005). He won a fellowship to the Graduate School of Public Health University of Pittsburgh, USA on health policy and health programme evaluation during 2006/2007 period.

At present he serves as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dr. Weerasinghe facilitates both undergraduate and postgraduate learning in the university and functions as an examiner at both levels.  He also serves in advisory capacity for several committees in Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. He has served as a council member of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science and College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka.

Dr-Tojosoa-RajaonarisonDr.Tojosoa Rajaonarison

Dr. Tojosa Rajaonarison has been working in the Madagascar Diabetes Association (AMADIA) as a dentist for 9 years.

She has been designated Director of Artistic programs in the AMADIA since 2010. They have done 12 painting workshops sessions: 4 specific sessions for children, 1 specific session for the AMADIA health caregivers and 7 sessions for adults.

In 2011 Dr. Rajaonarison did training in Therapeutic Education and Art-therapy in Grimentz- Switzerland and she was trained in Therapeutic Education by the Foundation for Research and Training in Patient Education Team in Madagascar in 2010.

Beran190Dr. David Beran

Dr. David Beran is a Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Geneva within the Division of International and Humanitarian Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine.

David is a Swiss national who grew up in Geneva. He holds a BSc in Management with an Emphasis in Marketing. Following his first degree, he worked for a leading Swiss Biotech Company in both Health Policy and Government Relations and Public Relations. He then obtained his MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. For his Masters’ dissertation, David worked at the WHO looking at ways of preventing Type 2 diabetes in children. David has recently completed his PhD looking at the needs of people with Type 1 diabetes in 13 countries at University College London (UCL).

Previously David was the Project Coordinator of the International Insulin Foundation (IIF) since its establishment in November 2002 until September 2011. As of September 2011 David became Advisor to the Board of Trustees. In parallel to his role at the IIF, David was also based at the Centre for International Health and Development, Institute of Child Health, UCL, where he was a Senior Research Fellow, with both teaching and research responsibilities in the areas of health management, access to medicines, diabetes, chronic diseases and health systems in developing countries.

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