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GHF2014 – PS20 – Harnessing ICTs to Improve Tuberculosis Control

PS20 WEDNESDAY, 16 APRIL 2014 ROOM: 16 ICON_Fishbowl
Harnessing ICTs to Improve Tuberculosis Control
Dr. Lucicia Ditiu
Executive Secretary, Stop TB Partnership, World Health Organization, Switzerland
Communications Platform for Tuberculosos to Supplement Mainstream Media: India
Ms. Barathi Ghanashyam
Founder Editor, Journalists against TB, India
mTB by Front Line Workers in a Tribal District in India: A Pilot Study
Dr. Archana Trivedi
Union South-East Asia, The Union, India
Using Technology and Community Empowerment to Treat Tuberculosis
Dr. Shelly Batra
President and Co-Founder, Operation ASHA, India
Dr. Alberto Colorado
Patient Advocate, International Public Health Consultant, Advocates for Health International, United States
Mr. Andrew Codlin
Stop TB Partnership, World Health Organization, Switzerland

Ghanashyam Profile PhotoMs. Barathi Ghanashyam

Unconventional choices have shaped my personal and professional life.  Having chosen to eschew formal academics, I pursued the path of learning – learning what I wanted to, in the way I chose to – by reading, absorbing and applying what I learnt to real life situations.  I have also been deeply influenced by the intensive field trips I have undertaken into rural India in the course of my career as a development writer.  Living and interacting with rural communities have taught me to respect their traditional wisdom, the way they cope with lack of choices, the simplicity with which they find solutions to their complex problems and I have often been humbled into emulating their way of life – which is devoid of artifice of any sort.  My writing, because it resonates with field realities, is credible and important for development processes.

PS20_Archana_TrivediDr. Archana Trivedi

Medical Doctor married with two sons, served in Indian Army (Medical Branch) with 21 years of rich and dynamic work experience in the medical field with 7 years of hands on technical experience working in National Health Program on Tuberculosis. Have background of working for 7 years in Global Fund Projects with International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Catholic Bishop Conference of India, Catholic Relief Services and Indian Medical Association.

Have ability to work and liaise effectively with government agencies, civil society organizations, private sector, people affected with diseases and synergize with other stake holders.  Also have persuasive and innovative skills supported by thorough research, to achieve best accruals for health projects. Have ability to conceptualize and lead health projects from front in strict disciplined environment. Adept in program management to include planning, coordination, execution and monitoring & evaluation of project.

At present position in Union South-East Asia The union, implementing project to involve qualified and non-qualified private practioners to promote TB care and control. Developed mobile application to track and trace TB patients. Currently scaling up mobile application under World Bank IDM project and Grand Challenges-TB Care along with Dimagi (USAID funded project).

Batra PhotoDr. Shelly Batra

I started my professional journey as a young surgeon, of which I was dazzled by the glamour, fame and money that was part of being a doctor. Very soon I came to a cross road and decided to take the road not taken. So, on one side there were the dazzling lights, the success and the glamour but the other route was an uphill path; rocky and thorny and all around was the stench of disease and death and all I could hear were the sighs of the sick and dying; that is the road I have chosen.

Mr. Andrew Codlin

I worked along the Texas-Mexico border studying the interaction of diabetes and pulmonary infections (influenza and tuberculosis) for two years.  I then moved to Karachi, Pakistan, where I spent 3 years implementing TB case finding initiatives focused on the private healthcare sector. All of  my programs had a significant mHealth component and I worked with other TB REACH grantees to adapt our successful strategies for other country contexts.

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