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GHF 2014 – PS01

Public Hospitals Can Innovate Too!
Prof. Louis Loutan
Former head of the division of International and Humanitarian Medicine at the Geneva University Hospitals
Prof. Didier Pittet
Head of the infection control unit and president of the commission on innovation at the Geneva university Hospitals
Prof. Brigitte Pittet
Chief of Division, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Prof. François Mach
Chief of Division, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Prof. Patrick Petignat
Chief of Division, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Ms. Anne Bourgeois
Physiotherapist, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Prof. François Chappuis
Chief of Division, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Dr. François Gilardoni
World Innovation Day, Innovation 4 Health, co-founder Special Advisor at Fongit Seed Invest, Switzerland
Public institutions often convey the image of being slow in responding to needs, plagued by inertia and leaving innovation to the private sector. This session will illustrate through numerous examples of projects implemented locally or abroad that innovation can be integrated in the overall strategy development of a public institution, such as a university hospital. It brings added value to the institution, strengthens its reputation, motivates its employees and retains them, it creates public value and a sense of satisfaction. Innovation can be built in at all levels of the institution and become a driving force. Partnerships with institutions abroad also play a significant role in developing and sharing new expertise, values and social responsibility.

Prof. Louis LoutanProf. Louis Loutan

Louis is the founder of the Geneva Health Forum and has been its President since 2006. In this capacity Louis is responsible for providing strategic guidance to the initiative and ensures that it continues to enjoy wide institutional support.

Louis is Head of the Division of International and Humanitarian Medicine in the Department of Community Medicine and Primary Care and a practicing clinician at the Geneva University Hospitals in Geneva, Switzerland. He also serves the University of Geneva as Associate Professor in International and Humanitarian Medicine.

Louis is a specialist in internal medicine and tropical medicine. Louis has extensive field experience in Africa, Asia, North America and Eastern Europe. Louis is the former president of the Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology; President of the International Society of Travel Medicine (2001-2003). He serves on the boards of public and academic organisations that are committed to advancing the cause of global access to health.

ProfPittet(2-Black)Prof. Didier Pittet

Didier Pittet, MD, MS, is the Hospital Epidemiologist and the Director of the Infection Control Programme at the University of Geneva Hospitals and Clinics (2500 beds), Geneva, Switzerland; Professor of Medicine and Hospital Epidemiology at the University of Geneva; and Attending Physician in Adult and Paediatric Infectious Diseases, University of Geneva Hospitals. He is also Visiting Professor, Division of Investigative Sciences and School of Medicine, Imperial College London, London, UK. Professor Pittet serves on the editorial boards of the American Journal of Infection Control, the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medecine, The Lancet Infectious Diseases and Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. He is also an editorial consultant of the Lancet. Professor Pittet currently leads the First Global Patient Safety Challenge “Clean Care is Safer Care” of the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety. He was awarded the CBE in 2007 by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II for services to the prevention of healthcare-associated infection in the UK. Current major research interests include the epidemiology and prevention of nosocomial infections, methods for improving compliance with hand hygiene practices, and methods for improving the quality of patient care and patient safety.

PS01_Brigitte_PittetProf. Brigitte Pittet

Prof. Brigitte Pittet est médecin-cheffe du service de Chirurgie plastique, reconstructive et esthétique des Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève. Ses principaux domaines d’intérêt sont la reconstruction craniofaciale et la reconstruction mammaire ainsi que les techniques de microchirurgie. Prof. Pittet organise régulièrement des missions humanitaires chirurgicales dédiées au traitement des séquelles de noma. Elle a reçu plusieurs distinctions pour ses activités de recherche axées sur la cicatrisation des plaies.

PS01_Patrick PetignatProf. Patrick Petignat

Prof. Petignat and his research group have experience in running clinical trials and epidemiological studies in the field of cervical cancer and HPV. They are also involved in the development of screening policy and colposcopy practice for the Groupement Romand de la Société Suisse de Gynécologie Obstétrique (GRSSO). They have recently developed and published consensus
guideline for cervical cancer screening and management of cervical dysplasia for the Swiss French Part (available at Patrick Petignat is a co-founder of the Swiss Working Group for
Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology and is member of the WHO Steering Committee on Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control (C4-GEP).

chappuis_photo_3Prof. François Chappuis

François Chappuis is physician specialized in internal and tropical medicine. He completed a master in clinical tropical medicine at Mahidol University, Bangkok and a PhD in medical sciences at the University of Antwerp. He currently heads the division of tropical and humanitarian medicine of the Geneva University Hospitals and has been medical adviser for neglected tropical diseases at Médecins sans Frontières since 1999. His clinical research activities focus on African and American trypanosomiasis, leishmaniasis and snake bites.

PS01_Francois.Gilardoni.SmallPicMr. François Gilardoni

Francois Gilardoni is a venture capitalist, innovation expert and award-winning scientist educated in Switzerland and the USA with nearly two decades of international experience in the high-tech and financial industries.  Building on the success of the first Innovation Day (ID) held in Geneva in 2007, in 2012 he partnered with Professor Didier, ID founder and world renowned specialist in patient safety, to foster a global culture of innovation in Medical and Healthcare Science by promoting Innovation Days around the world.  In 2013, they launched the World Innovation Day (WID) and the World Innovation Academy (WIA) global initiatives. Francois holds a PhD (cum laude) in Computational Chemistry, as well as advanced degrees in Environmental Science and Computing.  He is the founder of Global Advisory Services (GlobAS), a boutique firm providing non-discretionary investment advisory services to clients seeking to expand their private equity portfolio in the high-tech industry and to ventures raising capital (debt or equity).

PS01_Anne_Bourgeois_HUG_squareMs. Anne Bourgeois

Anne Bourgeois graduated as a physiotherapist in Geneva. After some time in the private sector, she joined the Geneva University Hospitals in 2002, where she worked in various departments, in acute care and rehabilitation services. She has extensive experience in numerous humanitarian projects providing care and training local staff as trainers (South of Marocco 2002, Haiti 2010 with Handicap International (HI) and MSF, Yemen with ICRC 2012-2013). She currently is involved in a training in rehabilitation project in Haiti with HI.

PS01_Francois_Mach_006Prof. François Mach

Prof. François Mach has extensive experience in the field of Cardiology particularly, with respect to the development and progression of atherosclerosis diseases. After obtaining his MD at the University of Geneva, he studied Internal Medicine and Cardiology at Geneva University Hospital. Then, he moved for post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Professor Peter Libby, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston (1995-1999). After his return in 2000, he became full Professor of Cardiology and Head of Cardiology at the Geneva University Hospital. From 2012, he is President of the Swiss Society of Cardiology. François Mach is author of more than 250 publications with high Impact Factor and during his career he has already obtained more than 5 million euros as research grants, all funded by the European Community.

Prof. Mach is the director of the Cardiology Laboratory at School of Medicine of the University of Geneva that offers a number of general facilities.

His research group developed animal models of atherosclerosis, acute myocardial infarction, chronic myocardial ischemia and ischemic stroke. Several knockout mice on inflammatory genes are available in the Cardiovascular Center. In the last 10 years, the group of Prof Mach substantially contributed to better clarify the inflammatory mechanisms underlying atherosclerosis and its acute dramatic complications, such myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke in both human cohort and animal studies. In addition, he contributed to the design and achievement of several clinical research, multi-center studies, as well as establishment of several cohorts of CVD patients




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