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GHF 2014 – LS01 – Integrated Solutions or What Does Health System Strenghtening Mean in Fragile Settings?

Integrated Solutions or What Does Health System Strenghtening Mean in Fragile Settings?
Dr. Anne-Claude Cavin
Conflict Prevention Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Switzerland
Dr. Marina Madeo
Senior Advisor for SDC Regional Office Horn of Africa
Ms. Bernadette Peterhans
Deputy Head of the Teaching & Training unit, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Mark van Ommeren
Scientist, Department of Mental Health and Substance Adbuse, World Health Organization, Switzerland

In this session we will discuss challenges and promising approaches to rehabilitating / strengthening of health systems in fragile contexts where humanitarian aid is not yet, or no longer an appropriate tool.
In such contexts the health system strengthening approach reaches often its limits, as the political will or capacity of the State is lacking for providing essential services to the population. Where to start and how to work when all the building blocks of the health system are in disarray? How to respond efficiently to the acute lack of qualified staff, medicine, equipment and funding; weak leadership and governance; absence of information and management systems?

SDC would like to use the fishbowl format of launching a transparent discussion and experience exchange on particular challenges, successful approaches and empirical evidence on effective interventions in fragile settings.


Dr. Anne-Claude Cavin

Anne-Claude Cavin has a PHD in law and is mediator, with a specialization on international mediation.

She works for SDC as specialist in governance, mediation and conflict prevention and coaches SDC employees in conflict management, mediation and CSPM (conflict sensitive programme management) in Africa, Central Asia and the Balkans.

She has further a long experience in facilitation national and international conferences and events.

In parallel to SDC, she is co-founder of “Intermédiations” and has mandates for juvenile courts.


LS01_Marina_MadeoDr. Marina Madeo

Dr. Marina Madeo is Senior Health Advisor for SDC Regional Office Horn of Africa and has a long standing working experience in the Somali contexts.

Before joining SDC she worked for other multi- and bilateral health programmes. She has a deep understanding of the New Deal in practical terms and a strong personal interest on fragile states.


LS01_Bernadetter Peterhans_squareMs. Bernadette Peterhans

Bernadette Peterhans, RN, MPH is Deputy Head of the Teaching & Training unit at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel.

Bernadette taught already on PHC in fragile contexts at different universities (Geneva, Copenhagen, Edingburgh) as well as at the ICRC. She works further as specialist consultant for PHC in different fragile contexts, as for instance South Sudan (since 94), Horn of Africa or Afghanistan.


LS01_MarkVan_OmmerenDr. Mark van Ommeren

Dr. Mark van Ommeren is Scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Geneva.

He is focal point with WHO for mental health during and after emergencies.

He has a particular interest in building back better, that is to convert short-term emergency-related interest in mental health into momentum for long-term improvement, as described in Building Back Better: Sustainable Mental Health Care after Emergencies (WHO, 2013).




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