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GHF2014 – MOOCs as Tools Providing Wide Access to High Quality Education

MOOCs as Tools Providing Wide Access to High Quality Education
Dr. Antoine Flahault
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Mr. Clemens Tuor
EPFL, Switzerland
“A French German experience on MOOCs: an example of emerging infectious diseases”
Dr. Antoine Flahault
Director of the Institute of Global Health, Unversité de Genève, Switzerland and Centre Virchow-Villermé, Université Paris Descartes, France
"MOOC: the stake of Open Education Ressources for an high social impact"
Dr. Célya Gruson-Daniel
Université Sorbonne Paris Cité, France
“Capacity building through distance education in Sub-Saharan Africa, the RAFT experience”
Prof. Antoine Geissbühler
Director of the Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics, Université de Genève and Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genèves, Switzerland
“Reaching learners in fragility”
Prof. Barbara Moser-Mercer
Director of InZone, Université de Genève, Switzerland
"MOOCs in Africa and emerging countries: a blended learning experience"
Mr. Clemens Tuor
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
This session on massive open online courses (MOOCs) held jointly by the University of Geneva and EPFL will address the topical issue on remote access to open education. From various anglophone and francophone recent experiences, it will envisage and discuss later free use of MOOC material after its broadcast, arising questions on copyrights. It will look at options to be set up for facilitating access from areas where bandwidth remains limited. It will also consider potential for creating living and sustainable social communities around Global Health issues.

Dr. Antoine FlahaultAntoine Flahault

Antoine Flahault MD, PhD in biomathematics. He has been appointed as full professor of public health at Paris in 2002. He was the founding director of the French School of Public Health (EHESP, Rennes, 2007-2012). He is co-director of Centre Virchow-Villermé for Public Health Paris-Berlin (Universite Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité), co-director of the European Academic Global Health Alliance (EAGHA), president of the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation (APHEA). In January 2014, he has been appointed as professor of public health at School of Medicine, University of Geneva where he is the founding director of the Institute of Global Health. He was elected corresponding member at Académie Nationale de Médecine (Paris). Las January 2014, he had more than 235 scientific publication referenced in Medline.

ClemensTourMr. Clemens Tuor

Clemens Tuor is a political scientist focusing on the challenges of social development in emerging countries. After graduating from University of Zurich with a BA in political science, he attained his MA in Conflict, Governance and Development at University of York in 2013. In January 2014, Clemens Tuor joined the CEDE team at EPFL in course of his civil service, working as a research assistant in the project “MOOCs for Africa”.


Celia_GrusonDanielDr. Célya Gruson-Daniel

Célya Gruson-Daniel is graduated from ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure) and University Paris VI in cognitive neurosciences.  Célya Gruson-Daniel is a research engineer at the Centre Virchow-Villermé. She works on its MOOCs in public health. She is also the co-founder of an Open Science community HackYourPhD.


antoine_geissbuhlerProf. Antoine Geissbühler

Antoine Geissbuhler is a Professor of Medicine, Chairman of the Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics at Geneva University, Director of the Division of eHealth and Telemedicine at Geneva University Hospitals. He is also President of the executive committee of the Health-On-the-Net Foundation, Past-President of the International Medical Informatics Association, and Fellow of the American College of Medical Informaticians.

Barbara_Moser_MercerProf. Barbara Moser-Mercer

Barbara Moser-Mercer is Professor of conference interpreting and Director of InZone at the Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation, University of Geneva. Her research focuses on cognitive and cognitive neuro-science aspects of the interpreting process and on the human performance dimension of skill development. She has co-developed the Virtualinstitute©, the first fully integrated virtual learning environment for interpreters, which she also leverages in partnership with ICRC, ILO, UNHCR, UN-OCHA, UN-WFP, and UNAMA for training interpreters working in conflict zones both on-site in the field and virtually. She was a member of the High Level Group on Multilingualism of EU Commissioner for Multilingualism, Leonard orban, and coordinated the European Masters in Conference Interpreting. She is also an active conference interpreter, member of AIIC.

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