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Geneva Health Forum 2014 – Conclusions of Day 1

Highlight_of_the_Day Highlights of the Day

  • Integration from the point of view of health is needed at multiple levels
    • Global: different agendas (Universal Health Coverage, Primary Healthcare, MDGs, post-MDGs, Noncommunicable diseases, etc.)
    • National: political agendas, capacity and financial resources
    • Health system: capacity to respond to political agenda in parallel to responding to the needs of the population
    • Patient: driver of the health system

Lesson_of_the_day Lessons of the Day

  • Will the push be top-down and driven by resource and financial constraints
  • Or will it be bottom-up with consumers/patients driving the agenda
  • Importance of a clear understanding of the context where integration is taking place
    • How does the context shape the response

Quote of the day1 Quote of the day2 Quote of the Day

“In order for integration to happen cultural change is necessary, but it requires politicalsupport” – B. Levrat, CEO, Geneva University Hospitals

Feedback Feedback

  • Interesting discussions
  • Practice that explains the theory
  • Lively discussion
  • Different perspectives

Unanswered_Question Unanswered Question

  • Who will drive the “integration” agenda?
  • How to empower users of the health system to truly “drive” change?
  • How can medical education play a role in improving integration of the health system and patient perspectives?

Lesson Expectations for Tomorrow

  • More lively discussions
  • Answers to some of the questions about the role of the health systems
  • How do health systems fit into the larger picture of health on a national and global level

Download here the PDF version for CONCLUSIONS of DAY1




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