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Geneva Health Forum 2014 – Conclusions of Day 2

Highlight_of_the_Day Highlights of the Day

  • For integration of health to become a reality the following are needed:
    • Enlightened politicians
    • Multiple sectors and actors involved in health (but being careful of any conflicts of interest)
    • Adequate funding and resources and appropriate use of these
    • Research and production of knowledge

Lesson_of_the_day Lessons of the Day

  • How does the global governance structure help ensure integration of health and the health system by:
    • Leading at a global level, but taking into account local conditions
    • Define the roles and responsibilities of different actors
    • Ensure coherent allocation of resources
    • Make health the priority and entry point for sustainable future

Quote of the day1 Quote of the day2 Quote of the Day

“ Stop talking about health systems and start talking about systems for health” - D. De Savigny, Head, Health Systems Interventions Research Unit, Department of Public Health and Epidemiology, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Switzerland

Feedback Feedback

  • Integration seems to mean different things to different people
  • This brings things I have read and learnt to life
  • Amazing panel with Prof. Ilona Kickbush, Prof. Ronald Labonté, Dr. Mira Shiva, Mr. Pascal Lamy and Mr. Bart Peterson – such a wealth of information
  • All the speakers are so approachable and open to further discussion and debate after their presentations

Unanswered_Question Unanswered Question

  • Day 1 looked at the “what” of integration and Day 2 more about the “how” so the unanswered questions are:
    • Who will lead the integration agenda?
    • What role for the WHO in the changing global health environment?
    • What role for the private sector in integration?

Lesson  Expectations for Tomorrow

  • Looking at issues beyond health, e.g. food, innovation, sustainability
  • How can integrating other sectors and perspectives benefit health
  • More interesting and thought provoking sessions

Download here the PDF version for CONCLUSIONS of DAY 2




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