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Geneva Health Forum 2014 – Conclusions of Day 3

Highlight_of_the_Day Highlights of the Day

Integration is important because:

  • Health is not just about the health system
  • The global health agenda is not only set by the World Health Organization
  • Health needs to be integrated into the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Integrate local voices in the global discourse

Lesson_of_the_day Lessons of the Day

We need to move away from a North/South, South/South, East/West, Developed/Developing discussion about problems and solutions

  • The challenges we face know no boundaries
  • And the solutions to these may come from anywhere

Quote of the day1 Quote of the day2 Quote of the Day

3 quotes in terms of moving forward with the issue of integration and what needs to be done:
“Overcoming business as usual” – H.E. Michael Gerber, Ambassador and Special Representative for Global Sustainable Development Post-2015, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Switzerland

“Citizens need to take their governments to task” – Dr. Meenakshi Raman, Third World Network, Malaysia
“Find a kinder way of living” – Mrs. Pam Warhurst, Founder and Chair, Incredible Edible Tordmorden, United Kingdom

Feedback Feedback

  • Wow the Forum is already over
  • I learnt so much
  • I can’t wait until 2016!
  • A unique experience
  • Inspiring!

Lesson Overall lesson from the Geneva Health Forum 2014

  • Theme throughout the Forum was understanding the local context in order to integrate this into the global agenda
  • But in order to understand we need to listen
  • Policy makers need to listen to their populations
  • Doctors need to listen to their patients

Unanswered_Question Unanswered Question

How do we ensure that the voices of the people we are working for our heard at all levels of policy making?

Download here the PDF version for CONCLUSIONS of DAY 3



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