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Childbearing, Unintended Pregnancy and Contraceptive Use among South Asian Married Female Adolescents

This study examined the childbearing status, unintended pregnancy and contraceptive use among married female adolescents of four South Asian countries using the nationally representative survey data. Findings show that, the initiation of childbearing ranges from 57% in Pakistan to 67% in Nepal. The incidence of unintended pregnancy was more frequent in Nepalese adolescents. The use […]

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The Effect of Unintended Pregnancy on Maternal Health Care Service Utilisation in South Asia.

This study examines the effect of unintended pregnancy on maternal health care services utilization among women of four South Asian countries using nationally representative survey data conducted between 2005 and 2011. The prevalence of unintended pregnancy ranges from 25% in India to 32% in Bangladesh. Overall, the Indian women sought more skilled services for maternity […]

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