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Improving Access to Healthcare Services through Leadership Development and Organisational Effectiveness: A Case study of Jharkhand state in India

Considering the challenges in strengthening the public health services and political economic conditions, the explanation of bad performance in terms of health access and services, the paper highlights and recommend a model and mechanism focusing leadership development and organisational effectiveness to improve health services delivery and access involving civil societies, local bodies and appropriateness of […]

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A Technology Enabled Social Enterprise to Increase Access and Quality of Rural Healthcare

Only 20% of India’s medical professionals serve in rural areas where 70% of the population resides. The bulk of rural primary healthcare is delivered by private providers trained through informal apprenticeships, who do not have a statutory medical qualification. Innovative, scalable strategies are needed for further training and regulating these providers.

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GHF2006 – LS01- Improving Access to Quality Medicines: Health Partnerships for the Developing World and the Fight against Counterfeiting

The availability of quality and non-counterfeit drugs is an essential part of any health care delivery service. This session presented the audience with information related to the expansion of private-public partnerships (PPPs) for the development of safe drugs and of drugs for neglected diseases.

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