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New Educational Programme for Patients with Epilepsy at Geneva University Hospital: Switzerland

Even in countries with easy access to medication, patients with epilepsy continue to suffer from psycho-social difficulties often underestimated by health caregivers. This project describes a new educational programme for patients with epilepsy at Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland that aims to explore patient’s knowledge, perceptions and beliefs of their illness.

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ELIPS: Multi-Dimensional Prevention Program in Switzerland after an Acute Coronary Syndrome

Recurrence of cardiovascular events and mortality remain high after an acute coronary syndrome (ACS), but despite guidelines recommending pharmacologic and lifestyle interventions, up to 30% of patients stop their treatment either partially or totally early with a significant increase in one year mortality. The ELIPS programme is a Geneva driven Swiss multicentric project to improve […]

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Improving Type 1 Diabetes Management Through Youth Empowerment: Dominican Republic

An organization run for youth by youth, AYUDA’s work is based on the idea that youth can be agents of change in diabetes communities, where a lack of education is as dangerous as a lack of insulin. The NGO has established an international volunteer program that mobilizes individuals (many of whom have diabetes themselves) – […]

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Clubs for Diabetics and Hypertension in Later Life: Bangladesh

Bangladesh, one of the poorest nation in the world, is witnessing an alarming increase of chronic diseases among its population. This study describes a community based and targeted behavior change intervention which engages people with chronic condition in the process of forming and running local clubs for prevention and management of disease.

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Affordable Diabetes Care: Cambodia

Many non-poor households fall eventually into poverty when chronic disease is prematurely bringing down a breadwinner. Here is an initiative in Cambodia that remedies market failure with responsive services at price levels 3 to 5 times below the prevalent market. It creates networks of peer educators (patients themselves) to help screen and support patients in […]

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