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The Health System’s Challenge to Deliver Malaria Prevention and Treatment

Effective control of malaria in Africa faces many challenges and bottlenecks. The dramatic increase in financial resources for malaria control provided by recent Global Health Initiatives and new partnerships for financing at country level have improved the prospects of having sufficient commodities for malaria prevention (long-lasting insecticidal nets, insecticides for indoor residual spraying) and treatment […]

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Increasing Access to Antimalaria Medicines in the Private Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa: Going Beyond Global Subsidies

Despite considerable efforts during the last millennium to eradicate or control malaria, it is still one of the most prevalent and devastating diseases in the tropics. This pervasive situation is compounded by the widespread parasite resistance to affordable medicines (chloroquine (CQ), sulphadoxinepyrimethamine (SP) and amodiaquine (AQ).

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