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GHF2010 – PL01 – Globalization and Health Systems: Regional Perspectives

Session Outline Plenary session PL01, Monday, April 19 2010, 9:00-10:30, Room 2 Chair(s): Yibeltal Assefa, Medical Services Directorate, Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia, Bruno Marchal, Department of Public Health, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium Summary: The aim of this session is to introduce some of the complex challenges that countries face in meeting health-related needs in contexts of rapid […]

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GHF2010 – PS35 – Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Lessons Learned from H1N1

Session Outline Parallel session PS35, Monday, April 19 2010, 11:00-12:30, Room 2 Chair: Tessa Richards, Assistant Editor, British Medical Journal (BMJ), United Kingdom H1N1 Preparedness and Response: Early Lessons Learned Sandra Jack-Mounier, Lecturer, Department of Public Health and Policy, Communicable Diseases Policy Group, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom Global Response to Pandemics: […]

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