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Would you Terminate a Pregnancy Affected by Sickle Cell Disease? Views of Doctors, Parents and Patients in Cameroon.

We studied views of 110 doctors, 130 parents with one living child with SCD, and 89 adults patients suffering from SCD, regarding prenatal genetic diagnosis and termination of a SCD-affected pregnancy. The majority accepted the principle of prenatal genetic diagnosis for SCD (78.7%, 89.8% and 89.2%). The majority of parents accepted the principle of termination […]

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Creating Healthy Work Environments by training Medical and Nursing Students: Nigeria

There is mounting evidence that unhealthy work environments contribute to medical errors, ineffective delivery of care, conflict and stress among health professionals. This report describes steps taken to encourage good interprofessional and interpersonal relationships to reduce unhealthy work environments in hospitals. To guarantee this, a two day seminar which laid emphasis on advocacy and effective […]

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A Gender Analysis of Access, Use and Management of Bed Nets in Tanzania.

The paper explored the gendered perceptions on the access, use and management of bed nets. It looked at the extent to which the bed net distribution campaigns in Tanzania have taken into account gender issues both at the design and implementation stages. The Tanzania National Voucher Scheme was by design gender unequal because it targeted […]

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SAFO (Strategic Alliance for the Fortification of edible Oils and Other Staple Foods)

SAFO – The Strategic Alliance for the Fortification of edible Oils and Other Staple Foods.

SAFO (Strategic Alliance for the Fortification of edible Oils and Other Staple Foods) is a Strategic Alliance within the DeveloPPP partnership scheme of the German Government in order to reduce vitamin A deficiency of 100 million people at risk of undernutrition. It was implemented by the following partners: BASF, a leading supplier of high-quality, cost-effective […]

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ECD session is provided  for village caregivers by trained health provider

Linking Health And Educations Measures To Improve Early Childhood Development Programmes: Kyrgyzstan.

Since 2005 AKF has been implementing an early childhood development (ECD) program targeting caregivers and preschool age children in three districts of Osh province. The focus of the programme has been to provide different models of preschool education, from government kindergartens to private, home-based care facilities and even yurt-based kindergartens in high pastures during the […]

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