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A Randomized Controlled Trial to evaluate the effect of Community Support Agents on Improving Retention of People Living with HIV under Pre-antiretroviral care in Eastern Uganda.

People living with HIV (PLHIV) in Sub-Saharan Africa often do not enter pre-antiretroviral (pre-ARV) care after diagnosis or get lost to follow-up during pre-ARV care. This results in late initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) and increased HIV related morbidity and mortality. The effect of providing follow-up support through home visits by community support agents (CSAs) […]

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FitNation/SémioFormation: signs of bikes for public health.

The FitNation exhibition at the Center for Architecture presents 33 case studies of design interventions which prevent chronic diseases including obesity. Projects in 18 cities are analyzed, including transportation changes that lead to changes in how people navigate a city. In Paris with Vélib’, and more recently in New York City with CitiBike, patterns of […]

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Creating Healthy Work Environments by training Medical and Nursing Students: Nigeria

There is mounting evidence that unhealthy work environments contribute to medical errors, ineffective delivery of care, conflict and stress among health professionals. This report describes steps taken to encourage good interprofessional and interpersonal relationships to reduce unhealthy work environments in hospitals. To guarantee this, a two day seminar which laid emphasis on advocacy and effective […]

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