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GHF2006 – PL04 – A Critical View on the Role of Hospitals in Increasing Access to Health

Hospitals have always played a pivotal role in the global healthcare system. They have power, authority and professional competences in both the rich and poor worlds. But what if we all begin to re-think the mission of hospital care and re-design the way we deliver it in order to increase access to health?

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Optimizing Hospitals in the Health Sector

As the highest centres that are expected to provide a high standard of healthcare, training and applied research, hospitals play a pivotal role in the healthcare system. Hospitals wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience can also be used to effectively influence professional practice in other health facilities and behaviours of individuals, families and communities.

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Hospitals Promoting Access to Healthcare

Hospitals play a critical role in the delivery of health services and are often the first point of access to healthcare. They are highly regarded by citizens and by politicians. They cannot, however, work in isolation and, as the pattern of disease changes in many parts of the world with increases in long-term, chronic conditions, […]

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GHF2006 – PS10 – Hospital and Academic Networks

Session Outline Parallel session PS10, Thursday, August 31 2006, 11:00-12:30 Chair(s): Peter Suter, Switzerland, Peter Saladin, Switzerland Social Accountability of Medical Schools in a Globalized World Kendall Ho, Continuing Professional Development & Knowledge Translation, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada  Troped Network: Bringing Together European Institutions for Higher Education in International Health  Jean-Pierre Gervasoni, Unit for Cardiovascular Disease and […]

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GHF2008 – PS08 – Hospitals and Health Systems: Only High Tech?

Session Outline Parallel session PS08, Wednesday, May 28 2008, 11:00-12:30, Room 3 Chair(s): Eric de Roodenbeke, Incoming Director General, International Hospital Federation, France, Denis Hochstrasser, Head, Department of Genetic and Laboratory Medecine, University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland  Integration of Hospitals in Health Systems Jean-Pierre Unger, Department of Public Health, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium Faith-Based Health Facilities […]

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Sex Differences in the Association between Serum Uric Acid and Adiposity Markers in the Population-Based CoLaus Study

Women and men differ in their serum uric acid (SUA) levels and fat distribution. As very few large scale population-based studies have systematically assessed sex differences in the relationship between SUA and markers of adiposity, we explored these associations in the CoLaus study.

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