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Certificate Course In Evidence Based Diabetes Management: Capacity Building of Primary Care Physicians in Diabetes Care, India.

CCEBDM is pan India program for the capacity building of primary care physicians in field of diabetes. As the country is becoming the diabetic capital and the lack of trained physicians in this field this program is launched in 2010. An evaluation was done to assess the short impact of the program and it was […]

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Ayurvedic drug

Integrating Ayurveda: Clinical Studies on the Ayurvedic Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Offer New Perspectives.

From the ayurvedic point of view, Ayurveda is dramatically underused. This Indian traditional system of medicine – potentially very cost effective and accessible – has much to offer, for chronic, non-communicable diseases for ex. Why is Ayurveda marginalised? How could it be integrated into global health solutions? This ethnographic case study presents modern clinical studies […]

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The Woodrow Wilson School's Center for Health and Wellbeing - Princeton University

Princeton’s University Global Health Program: Research and teaching at the nexus of science, policy and social science

Princeton University’s Global Health Research and Teaching Program is anchored in the philosophy that complex problems demand a comprehensive and integrated approach, in which players from a range of academic and technical areas collaborate to analyze global health problems and explore innovative solutions. Princeton’s Global Health Program generates the scholarship fundamental to health improvements at […]

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Making profession of family doctors attractive for future doctors: Kyrgyzstan

One of the main current healthcare problems is a shortage of family doctors/general practitioners, especially in rural areas. Medical students are not motivated to choose the specialty of family medicine because they find it to be not prestigious. The community also has disrespectful and discriminating feelings about this specialty. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has […]

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Growth in the number of medical schools in India.

Mapping the rapid expansion of India’s medical education sector: planning for the future.

India is in the midst of rapid expansion in the medical education particularly in private sector. We tracked the growth medical schools over the last 7 decades in the context of geographic distribution across the country. The number of medical schools rose from 23 in 1947 to 355 in 2012. The poor performing provinces with […]

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Cardiovascular Risk Factors among adolescents of Nepalgunj Municipality in Nepal.

The aim of this study was to find out the prevalent risk factors of CVD and the association of Metabolic syndrome (MS) with behavioral risk factors (BRF). A cross sectional study was done among 736 school going adolescents. A Systematic random sampling was done to select the sampling unit. CVD risk factors were assessed by […]

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The use of Insecticide Treated Nets among Pregnant Women in Nigeria.

The study was carried out to determine factors militating against utilization of insecticide treated net by pregnant women. This was based on the background of the study which reflected low usage of ITNS by pregnant women in the study setting. A total 201 pregnant women were interviewed using questionnaire.Overall results showed that majority were aware […]

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GHF2006 – PS23 – Research Networks in Partnership

Session outline Parallel session PS23, Friday, September 1 2006, 14:00-15:30 Chair(s): Eduardo Gotuzzo, Peru, Dominique Sprumont, Switzerland A Short Overview of the KFPE and an Introduction to the Session Jon-Andri Lys, Commission for Research Partnership with Developing Countries, KFPE, Bern, Switzerland   An Overview of the TRREE for Africa Profect Marie Hirtle, Biotika Inc., Mont-Royal, Canada  Research Ethics in […]

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