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Hospital waste management in Rawalpindi: A threat to urban environmental sustainability.

One of the constraints in hospital waste management in Pakistan is ineffective legislations, improper training about collection, transportation and disposal of waste. In addition, unavailability of appropriate equipment for disposal (incinerators, autoclaves etc.) and insufficient budget to meet the expenses of waste management has led many hospitals to burn their waste in open environment. Lack […]

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Health as an indicator of sustainable development: How health can contribute to and benefit from sustainable policies.

This study highlights how health can be a cross-sectoral indicator for the proposed 2015 sustainable development goals. The impacts of environmental changes on human wellbeing have been clearly established but insufficient work has been done to show how sustainable policies can also benefit health. This study recommends health indicators that can be used to measure […]

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Enhancing Access and Quality of Care in Developing Countries through Integrated Provider Empowerment and Environmental Safety

In 2005, Action Family Foundation, civil society groups, Safe Observer International and academics from the Institute of Child Health and Primary Care of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital initiated interventions to mainstream proper healthcare waste management in Nigeria through capacity building, community mobilization and practical medical waste handling services.

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COPD Prevalence among Women due To Indoor Air Pollution: South India

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the 4th leading cause of death and 13th leading cause of burden of diseases worldwide. Although smoking remains the predominant risk factor, exposure to solid fuel smoke has also been identified as a risk factor for COPD, with rural women in developing countries bearing most of this disease burden.

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