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GHF2006 – PS05 – Can We Trust Medical Information Online?

Access to reliable medical information, as well as ensuring its quality, validity and availability were the main issues presented in this track V session. As the chairpersons emphasized, the three speakers presented different, yet complementary ways to bridge the knowledge gap between people who have Internet access and the ones who rely on offline oral […]

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GHF2008 – PS27 – Biotechnology to Improve Access to Health: Can it Make a Difference?

Session Outline Parallel session PS27, Wednesday, May 28 2008, 11:00-12:30, Room 15 Chair(s): Robin Offord, Executive Director, Mintaka Medical Research Foundation and Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland Finding Simple Solutions for Developing Countries Using Advanced Technology Robin Offord, Executive Director, Mintaka Medical Research Foundation / Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland  […]

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GHF2008 – PS21 – Information and Communication Technology in Support of Health Workers

Session Outline Parallel session PS21, Tuesday, May 27 2008, 16:00-17:30, Room 18 Chair(s): Meissa Touré, UCAD, Dakar University, Senegal, Kazem Behbehani, Former WHO Assistant Director-General, External Relations and Governing Bodies, UK  Preparing Health Professionals for Work in Isolated Settings  Walinjom Muna, Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine and Subspecialities, University of […]

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GHF2008 – PS26 – Health Knowledge at the Age of Web 2.0

Session Outline Parallel session PS26, Tuesday, May 27 2008, 11:00-12:30, Room 4 Chair(s): Antoine Geissbühler, Head of Medical Informatics Division, University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland & Hans Hoffmann, CERN, Switzerland  Public Health Capacity-Building and Web 2.0: The Peoples-Uni Richard Heller, Coordinator, Peoples-Uni, UK Web 2.0 for Health: Tools, Hype and Perspectives Miguel Cabrer, Independent eHealth Consultant, IRC, […]

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GHF2010 – PL05 – Global Access to Health: The High’s and Low’s of Technology

Session Outline Plenary session PL05, Wednesday, April 21 2010, 9:00-10:30, Room 2 Chair(s): Najeeb Al-Shorbaji, Director, Knowledge Management and Sharing, World Health Organization, Switzerland, Jean-Michel Gaspoz, Professor and Head, Department of Community Medicine and Primary Care, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland De-Isolating Care Professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa Using the Internet Antoine Geissbühler, MD Director, Medical Informatics Division, Geneva University […]

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Electronic Health Record as a Source of Information to Assess Quality of Healthcare for Hypertensives: Mexico

The objectives of this study were a) development of quality of care indicators (QCI) for hypertensives in Mexico; b) to determine the feasibility of constructing QCI using electronic health record data; and c) to evaluate the quality of care (QC) provided to hypertensives.

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The Illness of “Pilotitis” In mHealth – Early Lessons from the KimMNCHip Partnerships in Kenya

Currently there are a proliferation of mHealth pilots and its is time to stop with new pilots as the field suffers from the contagious disease of ‘pilotitis’. What is needed to move the mHealth space ahead, is solutions at national scale that are cost effective and use evidence based approaches for health outcomes.

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