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The thematic tracks represents the main theme through which the Geneva Health Forum approaches global health issues. The thematic tracks are the backbone of the Geneva Health Forum content and programme.


Health Professionals for a New Century: A Proposal for Implementation

Factors contributing to the on-going global health workforce crisis include the globalisation of the labour markets. ‘Pull’ factors, including targeted recruitment efforts from wealthy destination states, combine with ‘push factors’ in source countries, such as low wages and unsafe working environments to exacerbate acute health workforce shortages.

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The Italian Network for Education in Global Health: An Innovative Experience Bridging the Gap between University and Civil Society

A greater focus on the social determinants of health and on the global scenario, together with the transformation of conventional health training are demanded within the Italian academy. Students have been leaders in advocating for such change, finding suitable theoretical and practical tools in the emerging field of global health (GH).

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Next Generation University & Global Health for Students UK – Revolutionizing Scientific, Public and Global Health Education Worldwide

Imagine if we could use the globalisation of communication and the sheer power of a world connected by the internet to deliver this training? What if we could deliver courses, teaching and training online? The projects presented here do precisely that. delivers an unprecedented breakthrough in teaching in health sciences, public health, and global […]

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The Illness of “Pilotitis” In mHealth – Early Lessons from the KimMNCHip Partnerships in Kenya

Currently there are a proliferation of mHealth pilots and its is time to stop with new pilots as the field suffers from the contagious disease of ‘pilotitis’. What is needed to move the mHealth space ahead, is solutions at national scale that are cost effective and use evidence based approaches for health outcomes.

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Front Line Health Accountability – Citizen Voices and Action: Democratizing Health in Communities

Health related accountability mechanisms are critical to achieve more health outcomes for the money that is spend. There has been increased global attention to this. However, unless accountability efforts happen at the front line, we will not achieve increased health outcomes of well-intended interventions.

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GHF2006 – Interview with Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson, the first woman President of Ireland (1990-1997) and more recently United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002) shared with the conference team some of the main challenges at hand when it comes to access to health for all: accountability, financing, the brain drain and the responsibility of those who have the means […]

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