Is the GHF a private sector or public sector body?

The GHF is a programme of a public organization- the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). The canton of Geneva funds the HUG from its regular budget.

How is the GHF funded?

The core funding of the GHF is provided by the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). The Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC) provides funds and so does the University of Geneva. Many other public institutions in Geneva and Switzerland contribute to the GHF up to a total of 60-65% of the budget of GHF. The remaining comes from donations from foundations and associations and sponsorship from the private sector. Acceptance of funds from the private sector is subject to GHF criteria for engagement.

What criteria does the GHF use for accepting funds?

  • The GHF does not accept funds from private sector organizations engaged in production or marketing of tobacco products, alcohol and arms & ammunition.
  • Sponsors of GHF need to demonstrate a buy-in into the theme and content of the GHF and at no stage engage in product placement or promotion in any of the GHF activities and products.
  • GHF doesn’t sell or barter session slots and reserves the right to review and refuse any session proposal (sponsored session)