Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH)

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CERAH is the humanitarian platform in Geneva’s academic environment, offering a variety of training and diplomas and conducting multi-disciplinary research on topics of humanitarian action. In partnership with the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute (IHEID), CERAH has developed a wide range of courses specifically adapted to the needs of humanitarian professionals.

CERAH offers training programmes and conducts academic research projects of international repute, drawing on Geneva’s network of international institutions and non-governmental organisations.

In recognition of the wide range of skills and broad knowledge-base that humanitarian professionals require today, CERAH’s courses provide in-depth training on subjects such as international humanitarian law, public health or project management for NGOs. Students are introduced to a variety of academic perspectives, including anthropology, economics and political science.

CERAH’s interdisciplinary research projects foster critical analysis of the humanitarian sector and humanitarian work, with the aim to improve performance, and encouraging reflection on professional practices, the politics of humanitarianism and humanitarian organisations.

Why this collaboration with the GHF?

The aim of this collaboration is to demonstrate to stakeholders of the Geneva Health Forum the importance of Humanitarian Action as a component to advancing access to health.

This collaboration will demonstrate to stakeholders in the arena of Global Health that improving access to health in humanitarian crisis requires specialized training and programs.

This collaboration is also expected to bring together practitioners and policy makers from the arenas of Global Health and Humanitarian Action to collaborate with each other and forge alliances that harness their strengths to advance access to health around the world.

This collaboration is expected to strengthen the two collaborating organisations by exposing them to each other’s content, membership and programs.

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Representative on GHF Communications Committee

Charlotte Lang

Charlotte Lang joined the CERAH team in January 2013. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master in Communication. She has more than 20 years of experience in communication in multi-cultural environments.

Charlotte was brought up in London and started her career in the outdoor industry at Patagonia Inc as a marketing assistant. She then moved to Luxemburg and worked as a communication officer for 7 years in the leading European media group, RTL Group where she was involved in very creative projects from the launch of local and group intranets, fund raising events, corporate films to the digital radio strategy for the group.

In 2008, she decided to enter a non-profit organization and joined the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies in Geneva where she participated in the "Our World. Your Move" campaign. She then had an opportunity to join the International Committee of the Red Cross where she held different missions in various communication units. In 2011, she was appointed communication adviser for the People Management programme, one of the leading institutional projects led by the Directorate. Charlotte also runs her weekly show Punch! on Radio Cité Genève where she gives voice to people who have bounced back in their professional lives with a special angle on resilience.