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Founded in 1876, the Faculty of Medicine is one of the eight faculties of the University of Geneva (University of Geneva). At the heart of International Geneva, it spreads its teaching assignments, research and care in tune with the city and the world.

The Faculty of Medicine is a leader in neuroscience, genetics, and transplantation, to mention only a few. It also engages in the field of global health. Its close association with the largest hospital complex in Switzerland, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) , allow it to develop a major focus of translational research, in conjunction with other actors of Lake Geneva.

Renowned pioneer in medical teaching (learning problems, integrated education), Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva offers its students a quality education to enable them to meet the needs of society, they are destined to post-graduate training in primary care medicine or in a specialty of medicine.

Why this partnership with the GHF?

The Faculty of Medicine along with the Geneva University Hospitals is the anchor of the Geneva Health Forum since its creation in 2006.

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Representative on GHF Steering Committee

Prof. Alain Gervaix, Dean in charge of humanitarian and international medicine

Prof. Alain Gervaix

Vice-Dean in charge of humanitarian and international medicine, Alain Gervaix did his entire academic career in Geneva, including his postgraduate training FMH specialist in pediatrics and infectious diseases. After a postdoctoral stay of two years at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), he was appointed assistant physician at the HUG in 1997. His expertise in pediatric infectious diseases places very quickly as a hospital referral, with significant visibility on a national and international level. In 2005, Alain Gervaix is appointed associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics. In terms of education, he has been involved both as prégrade postgraduate level, ensuring accountability of pediatric AMC since 2000 and being involved as a member of the board of clinical activities. It conducts research on serum markers of bacterial infections as well as respiratory tract infections in children, in collaboration with Swiss teams, Europe and Canada but also in Cameroon and Central African Republic.

Representative on GHF Program Committee

Prof. Alain Gervaix

Representative on GHF Communications Committee