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Globalization and Health is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that provides an international forum for high quality original research, knowledge sharing and debate on the topic of globalization and its effects on health, both positive and negative. The journal is affiliated with the London School of Economics.

Why this partnership with the GHF?

Globalization and Health is a journal with wide reach into the global health audience. It brings together an audience that in profile is very similar to that of the participants of the Geneva Health Forum. Partnership with the Globalization and Health journal is expected to ensure that there is high quality input into the creative design and content of the Geneva Health Forum. It is also hoped that the discussions emerging out of the GHF sessions will find ways to the readership of this journal who in turn would feedback into the forum design.

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Representative on GHF Program Committee

Greg Martin

Greg Martin

Representative on GHF Communications Committee

Alexa Chamay Berrier

Alexa Chamay Berrier

Alexa Chamay Berrier is a Journal Development Editor for 12 medical peer reviewed Open Access journals in public health at the leading Open Access Publisher, BioMed Central. She has been in this position since 2012 and is responsible for managing, generating content and promoting her journals in their respective fields.

She is a firm believer in Open Access publishing as a way to disseminate peer reviewed medical and scientific research to the far corners of the world for free, helping important medical research to be accessed, downloaded and read in the poorer areas of the world.

Alexa has a degree in Sociology and Health from Simmons College, Boston and has studied Journalism at the London School of Journalism. She is passionate about communications and sustainable development and has lived in India for 6 months where she travelled to rural villages to study and write about traditional medicine and faith healing practices.