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The Institute, previously called ICeF – Institute for Communication and Education- was created in 2000, initially with the aim of studying communicative aspects of education from a teaching and research point of view.

Since 2004, the Institute has diversified to cover the sectors of public communication and intercultural communication, taking on the new name ICIeF – Institute for Institutional Communication and Education.

In December 2011, the Institute was renamed, becoming IPC - the Institute for Public Communication.  Its teaching and research focus on public communication, interpersonal communication, communication for health promotion, public communication law and intercultural communication.

At present, the teaching and research activities in the Institute focus on five main areas:

Why this partnership with the GHF?

For the first time in the fifth edition the Geneva Health Forum is introducing a submission track titled Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization. This is in recognition of the growing need to engage at scale with people in advancing health through awareness and knowledge. Coupled with information technology advocacy and communication efforts acquire a new dimension of scale and cost-effectiveness. Advocacy is intended to secure the support of key constituencies in relevant local, national and international policy discussions and is expected to prompt greater accountability from governmental and international actors. Communication is concerned with informing, and enhancing knowledge among, the general public and people with health concerns and empowering them to express their needs and take action.

It is hoped that the IPC with its thematic expertise will strengthen this track on Advocacy and Communication.

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Representative on GHF Steering Committee

Professor L. Suzanne Suggs

Prof. L. Suzanne Suggs

Professor Suggs´ principal research focuses on health behavior and social change, using communication technologies, new media, and messaging strategies (tailoring and targeting).

Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Lugano in August 2007, she was Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Health Communication, Department of Marketing Communication at Emerson College and Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Public Health and Family Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. She has held positions as Research Assistant and Project Coordinator at the Oregon Center for Applied Science (Eugene, Oregon) and as Associate Director of Research at HealthMedia (Ann Arbor, Michigan). She earned her PhD in Health Studies from Texas Woman´s University and a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and
Biostatistics, Evidence-Based Practice Centre, at McMaster University in Ontario Canada.

She serves on the founding organizing board for the European Social Marketing Association and International Social Marketing Association, reviews for several leading health communication, health promotion, and health behavior journals, and is on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Health Communication.

Representative on GHF Program Committee

Professor L. Suzanne Suggs

Representative on GHF Communications Committee

Professor L. Suzanne Suggs