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Offering its services for more than 5 years, Wrike, Inc. is the leading provider of social project management software that helps thousands of companies efficiently get things done together in real time.

Wrike, Inc. is a fast growing privately held corporation that gets thousands of new customers on board year after year and shows stable annual growth. Customers from 55 countries, ranging from local non-profits to leading international brands, rely on Wrike in managing their projects, teams and businesses.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Wrike is operated by a passionate team that is focused on top-notch engineering and design, dedicated customer care and strong marketing.

As the founder and CEO of Wrike, Andrew Filev is the visionary behind the unique social project management mix that has become an irreplaceable collaboration solution for thousands of customers. As a successful software entrepreneur and experienced project manager, Andrew not only oversees the company's business strategy, but passionately leads the product management

Why this partnership with the GHF?

The aim of this partnership is to demonstrate to stakeholders of the Geneva Health Forum the importance of online collaboration in improving efficiency of development work. This is expected to lead into some level of conversion to using online productivity tools in the day-to-day delivery of services to end beneficiary of development programs.

This partnership will hopefully demonstrate to stakeholders in Global Health that improving access to health needs integration of inter-disciplinarity at the design phase of initiatives. The uniqueness of this partnership is stark and will surely raise queries from a variety of quarters.

This partnership is also expected to counter the notion that supporting Health conferences/initiatives is a monopoly of the pharmaceutical, medical devices and health care industry.

This partnership is also expected inspire innovators and entrepreneurs working in the area of access to health through ICT.

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The Geneva Health Forum 2014 is proud to be managed online on www.wrike.com