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Promoting institutional obstetrics and newborn care in Bangladesh by subsidising out of pocket costs.

Maternal and child health programs are yet to achieve desired impact on the obstetric and newborn care services utilization from institution in Bangladesh. This paper explains whether subsidizing out of pocket cost for women promote utilization of institutional obstetrics and newborn care or not. Coupon was provided to poor pregnant women and a mother of […]

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Irregular migration routes from Sri Lanka to Canada via West Africa. Blue indicates air routes and red markers represent the nine countries to which migrants entered before travelling via land routes to converge on a single port (Sierra Leone) to board a cargo vessel. Red dotted line represents the planned sea route. (Image developed by corresponding author. Map derived by Google maps).

Irregular migration: malaria re-introduction in elimination settings.

Irregular migration in the form of human smuggling and human trafficking is recognized as a global public health issue. Beyond the criminality and human rights abuse, irregular migration plays an important, but often forgotten, pathway for malaria re-introduction. We describe 32 cases of Plasmodium falciparum that were detected in 534 irregular migrants returning to Sri […]

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Breast cancer screening for everyone.

Breast cancer being the most prevalent cancer in women, a screening program has been developed in the canton of Geneva since 1999. The University Hospital’s CAMSCO service (Consultation ambulatoire mobile de soins Communautaires) is devoted to people living in precarious conditions without health insurance, mainly undocumented migrants and women working in the domestic’s fields, some […]

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Post-Conflict Health Care Start Up and Health Systems Strengthening in Fragile States: MSF Experience in DRC

Health care delivery in post conflict countries faces many challenges. Discussion on how best to tackle high mortality rates and weak health systems is ongoing. There are important differences in opinion what approach yields best results in terms of improved health status and restarting of essential health services.

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