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Geneva Health Forum 2014 – Conclusions of Day 1

Highlights of the Day Integration from the point of view of health is needed at multiple levels Global: different agendas (Universal Health Coverage, Primary Healthcare, MDGs, post-MDGs, Noncommunicable diseases, etc.) National: political agendas, capacity and financial resources Health system: capacity to respond to political agenda in parallel to responding to the needs of the population […]

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GHF2014 – PS15 – From Technology to Impact: Focus on Diagnostic Imaging and Neonatal Incubators

16:00 17:30 PS15 TUESDAY, 15 APRIL 2014 ROOM: 13 WORKSHOP From Technology to Impact: Focus on Diagnostic Imaging and Neonatal Incubators SPEAKERS: Dr. Klaus Schönenberger CEO EssentialMed Foundation. Program Leader, EssentialTech, Cooperation & Development Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland Mr. Bertrand Klaiber Chief Operating Officer, EssentialMed Foundation. Project Manager, […]

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Recep Akdag

Recep Akdag Minister of Health of Turkey 2002 – 2013 Recep Akdag was born in Erzurum, Turkey in 1960. As a pediatrician, he has been holding a professor title from the Ataturk University School of Medicine since 1999. During his career as a medical specialist and academician, he had been involved in a number of […]

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Dr Rifat Atun

Dr Rifat Atun is Professor of Global Health Systems at Harvard University, where he is the Director of Global Health Systems Cluster at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. In 2006-13, Dr Atun was Professor of International Health Management and Head of the Health Management Group at Imperial College London. He is an Honorary Professor […]

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Integrating neuro-psychiatric disorders at the level of primary health care centres: Guinea

Mental, neurological, and substance use disorders make a substantial contribution to the global burden of disease. According to the World Health Report 2000 neuropsychiatric disorders (a component of mental health) are the second cause of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), behind the infectious and parasitic diseases. Under the theme “Stop exclusion, Dare to care”, the year […]

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Relations and Communication of the Centres for Mental Health with Other Relevant Stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within scope of the Mental Health Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) two BIH agencies for safety and quality improvement and accreditation in health care, AKAZ and ASKVA conducted series of training seminars in order to improve the importance, role and visibility of the Centres for Mental Health (CMH) in the health systems, as well […]

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ICT Model delivers integrated Primary Healthcare and Allied Services in Developing Countries? Evidence from India

Various functional units of health system depend on data and communication generated by its peer units and stakeholders for effective planning, implementing, and assessing its own functions. Currently, functional units maintain aggregated MIS data that does not provide the peer units and stakeholders any option to plan, deliver, and assess requirements, access, and usage of […]

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Journalists against TB

Communications Platform for Tuberculosos to Supplement Mainstream Media: India

Journalists against TB (JATB) is a communications platform created to supplement the information put out by the mainstream media on TB and to bring sharper focus to the issue by inviting participation from multi-stakeholders. Six journalists who have been active in the media have come together to create the space, which affords opportunities for dissemination […]

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