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Dr. Dominick Mboya

Dr. Dominick Mboya Dominick Mboya has over 25 years experience as medical practice and teaching, currently employed as a research scientist at Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania, responsible for coordinating Health System Quality Improvement initiatives implemented by Ifakara Health Institute through Initiative to Strengthen Affordability and Quality of Health Care (ISAQH). The initiative is funded […]

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GHF2014 – PS15 – From Technology to Impact: Focus on Diagnostic Imaging and Neonatal Incubators

16:00 17:30 PS15 TUESDAY, 15 APRIL 2014 ROOM: 13 WORKSHOP From Technology to Impact: Focus on Diagnostic Imaging and Neonatal Incubators SPEAKERS: Dr. Klaus Schönenberger CEO EssentialMed Foundation. Program Leader, EssentialTech, Cooperation & Development Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland Mr. Bertrand Klaiber Chief Operating Officer, EssentialMed Foundation. Project Manager, […]

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GHF2014 – PS20 – Harnessing ICTs to Improve Tuberculosis Control

10:45 12:15 PS20 WEDNESDAY, 16 APRIL 2014 ROOM: 16 Harnessing ICTs to Improve Tuberculosis Control MODERATOR: Dr. Lucicia Ditiu Executive Secretary, Stop TB Partnership, World Health Organization, Switzerland SPEAKERS: Communications Platform for Tuberculosos to Supplement Mainstream Media: India Ms. Barathi Ghanashyam Founder Editor, Journalists against TB, India mTB by Front Line Workers in a Tribal […]

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Mira Shiva

Dr Mira Shiva Chairperson, Health Action International Asia -Pacific Founder, People’s Health Movement Born to a Gandhian mother and a forest conservator father, a qualified doctor herself, Dr Mira Shiva chose to live the life of an activist. Single by choice in a man’s world, Shiva has not just left her mark but has successfully […]

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Dr Rifat Atun

Dr Rifat Atun is Professor of Global Health Systems at Harvard University, where he is the Director of Global Health Systems Cluster at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. In 2006-13, Dr Atun was Professor of International Health Management and Head of the Health Management Group at Imperial College London. He is an Honorary Professor […]

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Learning from evidence: Advice-seeking behaviour among Primary Health Care physicians in Pakistan.

Access to information is critical for creating and maintaining high performing Primary Health Care (PHC) systems. Among multiple sources of information, advice-seeking from humans posses a significant importance for the physicians in their clinical settings because they are looking for readily available answers to their questions. We used Tuberculosis and measles as a lens for […]

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Administrative Integration of HIV Monitoring And Evaluation: A Case Study From South Africa.

With increasing global focus on integration of vertical programmes within health systems, methods are needed to analyse whether general health service (horizontal) managers at district level exercise administrative authority over disease programmes (administrative integration). This study adapts “decision space” analysis to measure administrative integration of HIV programme monitoring and evaluation (M&E). The study shows that […]

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Knowledge and Access to Health by Tuberculosis Patients in India.

India is one among the 22 highest TB burden countries contributing a large proportion of the global TB cases so,to increase awareness on the issue of TB,India’s RNTCP uses several forms of media to communicate TB related information with the general population. As part of Project Akshya, a baseline Knowledge,Attitude and Practices(KAP) study was conducted […]

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Use of mobile platform to track referrals

mTB by Front Line Workers in a Tribal District in India: A Pilot Study

The Union through community engagement process has mapped and trained Rural Health Care providers who are “first point of contact” for marginalized and vulnerable population. The trainings have contributed to imparting the knowledge about TB and referrals of TB symptomatics to National TB Control Programme. A paper based referral mechanism is established to capture the […]

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Operation ASHA - Fighting Tuberculosis Worldwide

Using Technology and Community Empowerment to Treat Tuberculosis.

TB is has been declared a health emergency by WHO. Over 9 million people are newly infected with TB and 1.4 million die annually. Incomplete TB treatment has led to an alarming rise in DR-TB (Drug Resistant TB), a man-made epidemic. MDR-TB (Multi Drug-Resistant TB), if not fully treated, leads to the dreaded XDR-TB (Extremely […]

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