What is the Unique Selling Proposition of the GHF?

High quality content

The two-year conference cycle allows the Geneva Health Forum (GHF) Programme Team to be focused on designing the content in a way that advances the study and practice of global health. At the GHF there is minimum room for coincidences. There is intent behind each programming and operational decision. The intent is to make participation of frontliners possible, facilitate their dialogue with policy makers and help the forging of new and creative alliances.

Desentangling global health complexity through interdisciplinary perspectives

The Geneva Health Forum strives to create space for researchers in global health to present their inter-sectoral work that contributes to better understanding the complex issues in an interconnected world.

Content quality assurance works at the intrinsic and extrinsic level.

Intrinsic mechanisms pertain to the team of the GHF

  • The team that delivers the Geneva Health Forum is passionate about global health and pursues it as a profession too. Team members are on various working groups, panels and committees of international organizations, universities, NGOs, alliances and coalitions. This allows the team to actively monitor global health debates.
  • As the GHF team members are also part of the Division of International and Humanitarian Medicine at the HUG, they implement global health cooperation projects in various settings/countries. This ensures that they have a hand on the pulse of the frontliners and are able to identify and relay policy-practice gaps.
  • The GHF team members share a willingness to build a forum that can act as a game changer in the way global health issues are framed and debated. This is evident in the way we generate content, create new dialogue formats and implement rules of engagement. 

Extrinsic mechanisms of quality assurance

  • We ensure a thorough abstract review process engaging more than 30- 40 experts per edition who have understood our mission and share our values.
  • We primarily partner on content with organizations that share our status of being public funded and have a mandate for international development cooperation. Before entering partnership arrangements we evaluate very carefully how our values match. We do not hesitate in walking away in the case of a mismatch.
  • We take evaluation findings very seriously and input it into the design of the following forum. Monitoring and evaluation of the GHF is conducted in an elaborate way with the main aim of improving content.

Dialogue over Regurgitation

In the internet era where most things can be ‘searched’, we have ample opportunities to hear established views and opinions of ‘experts’. Missing is the dialogue or debate that is spontaneously sparked in real time between fronliners and policy makers. The GHF strives to introduce formats that de-monopolize content from the ‘experts’ and encourage participation of conference participants. GHF pro-actively promotes the participation of thinkers who are keen to engage in dialogue over those trying to re-affirm their scientific ‘star status’ by regurgitating a speech.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

The venue of the GHF is Geneva, which is a global hub for health policy formulation. Key UN agencies including the headquarters of WHO,UNAIDS, WTO, UNHCR, ICRC, ITU and international NGOs are based in this city allowing for real time inter-sectoral discussions. Leading Swiss public organisations that are engaged in Global Health are our partners and co-hosts.

The European Headquarters of the United Nations with accredited country representatives form the diplomatic body of the city. This peculiar setting provides GHF participants with unmatched networking opportunities with policy makers during the conference.

The GHF attracts a heady mix of “out of the box” thinkers from around the globe who are in pursuit of solutions to global challenges. They come from a variety of fields and make for outstanding discussion partners.

For the fifth edition of the GHF2014 networking opportunities are being created in advance of the event using the Global Health Forum Platform.

Neutral Host

Another unique user proposition of the GHF is the nature of its anchor sponsors. The GHF is anchored by the publicly funded Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and the University of Geneva in partnership with leading Swiss public institutions engaged in Global Health. This allows the programming of the GHF to remain relatively independent.

Not just a conference, but a global health platform 

The conference titled the GHF is the biannual culmination of an ongoing scientific programme at the Division of International and Humanitarian Medicine at the Geneva University Hospitals. This programme of Global Health has three pillars- Research, Training and Healthcare. In summary the GHF is not merely an event but an activity within a larger scientific programme. At a time when information and communication technologies allow us to stay connected, The Geneva Health Forum has launched the Global Health Forum platform (hyperlink) project to create a vibrant community around global health issues. The g2hp.net allows global health practitioners to collaborate online and set up their own open or closed discussion and research groups. On one hand this is a highly potent productivity tool for global health professionals on the other it allows for continued and long-term relations building in the global health community.